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Garage Physics

The Garage Physics lab in B613 Sterling Hall is a makerspace for student-driven interdisciplinary innovation. Garage offers all UW-Madison undergraduates and graduate students an unstructured safe environment to explore technologies such as 3d-printers and electronic devices and to develop creative ideas through project-oriented just-in-time learning. Want to make something or make something happen? You have come to the right place.

Garage Physics is described in the UW-Madison communications story, the WKOW news story , and the Badger Herald story Also in the news, receipt reduction: and

Attention entrepreneurial students

Garage Physics and Venturewell (formerly National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Association, NCIIA) offer a program of support for UW-Madison entrepreneurial teams to conduct R&D in Garage Physics leading to participation in local and national business plan competitions including the Venturewell programs. See Contact Prof. Duncan Carlsmith ( for more information. Apply at the following link: .


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