1 Oct 2015 Garage project Receipts No Thankyou in the news! http://news.wisc.edu/releases/19308

The Garage Physics entrepreneurship program has been featured in UW-Madison (http://news.wisc.edu/24040 ) and WKOW(ABC) news (http://www.wkow.com/story/30139090/2015/09/29/students-create-inventions-of-the-future-in-uw-madison-garage).


Channel 27 shooting a story on Garage 28 Sept 2015, by Savanna Tomei, Reporter/Anchor, Wake Up Wisconsin


UW-Madison News story on Garage Physics : ‘Garage Physics’ is a makerspace for undergraduate brainstorms, Sept. 25, 2015 by David Tenenbaum, http://news.wisc.edu/24040


Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015, Rapid Prototyping Musical Instruments, Daniel Montez


Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015, Atomic Clocks, Michael Miranda


New Business Card thanks to Ruifeng Peter Xie! March 2015


Venturewell Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 2015


Engineering Majors Fair, 2015


Steve Narf (UW Physics Lecture Demos) demonstrating Makerbot, American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Summer meeting 2014, Minneapolis

From: Dane Morgan <ddmorgan@wisc.edu> Subject: Looking for student for Atom Touch Molecular Dynamics Educational Tool Date: July 31, 2014 at 11:56:35 AM CDT

Dear Colleagues,

Warm Regards, Dane

Dane Morgan Professor Dept. Materials Science and Engineering Building 244 MSE 1509 University Ave Madison, WI 53706 Phone: 608-265-5879 Email: ddmorgan@wisc.edu Web: http://matmodel.engr.wisc.edu/


Letters and Sciences Board of Visitors, Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, 2014

April 10 2014: Undergraduate Symposium (see https://ugradsymposium.wisc.edu/)

Garage Presentations:

Utilizing 3D Printing for Recycling William Milner Session 2, 2:-3:15, Northwoods A

The Foucault Pendulum: A Demonstration of the Earth’s Rotation, Joseph Sterle, Session 2, 2:-3:15, Scholars

Troy Project, Bia Yang Wang and Anna Christenson, Sessions 3 :3:30-4:45, Landmark A

Making Receipt Reduction at University of Wisconsin–Madison a Reality, Rachel Feil, Kyla Kaplan Sessions 3 :3:30-4:45, Traditions

Hivemind, Tenzin Wangden, Poster 230, Sessions 3 :3:30-4:45, Varsity Hall

2 April 2014 Office of Quality Improvement Showcase 2014 (see http://quality.wisc.edu/showcase.htm)

Showcase 2014 Poster by Receipt Reduction Project



7 Mar 2014 Five Garage Physics projects will present at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium Thursday 10 April 2014, http://www.learning.wisc.edu/ugsymposium/


5 Mar 2014 Garage Physics featured in magazine Wisconsin Engineer http://wisconsinengineer.com/magazine/816/832/ WisconsinEngineerMar2014

1 Mar 2014 WARF Ambassador & Graduate Student, Materials Science Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison uses Garage 3d-printer in Hackathon.

"We thought an interesting idea would be to set up a network/marketplace of 3d printers in town and see if we could make a system were individuals who wanted to get relatively large orders of 3d printed parts could upload that order and get a quote for it, the order having been parsed out to numerous 3d printers in town.

We made this system to solve the problem of a friend who owns a small business centered around a 3d printer: how do you fulfill a large order (100's-1000's) that is either relatively too small for the expense of injection molding or cannot be made by conventional manufacturing techniques because of the materials geometry. We decided that leveraging the latent capacity of unused 3d printers in the area might be a way. We did a test run of the system by activating several printers on our 'network' to print out a large order of custom bracelets ("UW Hackathon!" on each), this included the one in the physics garage." Hackathon2014

Tyler Graf presents poster at UW Madison Sustainability Forum 2014 http://sustainability.wisc.edu/sustainability-forum-2014-overview/ SustainabilityForum2014

Garage participates in 2014 Madison Startup Fair. Students presented a poster at this event designed as an opportunity to mingle with local startup companies and campus entrepreneurs.



Garage participates in 2013 Energy Hub Conference http://www.uwehub.org/

ECE379 Living Pantry and Grey Water projects presented their prototypes and posters at the 6 Dec 2013 Energy Hub conference.



Garage participates in the Wisconsin Science Festival Oct 2013


Announcement: The project Sustainability supports ECE 379 – WI Make Sustainability, a pilot interdisciplinary makerspace centered class on sustainability using Garage Physics (Fall 2013) by Prof. Duncan Carlsmith (duncan@hep.wisc.edu), Prof. Erica Halverson ( erhalverson@education.wisc.edu), Prof. Giri Ventkataramanan, giri@engr.wisc.edu) Contact Prof. Giri Ventkataramanan to enroll.

Teaching and Learning Symposium 2013, Anna Christenson presenting


Check out the Undergraduate Research Symposium http://www.learning.wisc.edu/ugsymposium/prepare.html

New class offered in entrepreneurship for non-business majors


A Garage Physics poster will be presented at the 2013 Teaching & Learning Symposium (http://www.learning.wisc.edu/tlsymposium). The formal poster session will take place Thursday, May 23rd from 8:30-9:30 in Varsity Hall at Union South. The poster session will continue, informally, during breaks until the symposium adjourns at 12:30 pm.

Congratulations to Anna for being awarded a 2013 Wisconsin Space Grant connected to the Troy project. -duncan

Thanks to Anna and Bai for preparation of the Showcase poster and to all who staffed the poster. -duncan



Garage Physics poster at UW's innovation Showcase 2013, 20 March, Memorial Union - http://quality.wisc.edu/showcase.htm

A7 Garage Physics: A Space for the Hands-On Physicist Department of Physics A safe environment for undergraduates to experiment, explore, and create; aimed at the curious, entrepreneur, scientific mind. https:// www.physics.wisc.edu/garage/FrontPage, garagephysics@wisc.edu Duncan Carlsmith, duncan@hep.wisc.edu Anna Christenson, agchristenso@wisc.edu Bai Wang, bwang87@wisc.edu Brett Unks, unks@wisc.edu

Program Showcase2013.pdf


"At an Annual Tech Show, It’s Hardware’s Turn in the Spotlight "



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