We are in the midst of a dramatic shift in the way humans work.

Build software better, together.

Share CAD

Software development club

UW student software development club

Alternatives to mathcad, mathematica,...

Maximum, Scilab, R,

LIGO python install tutorial - go analyze gravitational wave data with it.


OpenSCAD is an open-source programic 3D CAD program that is common in the maker community:

Track objects in video


Code learning resources

The UW online training service provides access to—a full library of self-study software tutorials available anytime, anywhere. at uw

Professor Jake Blanchard's course in MatLab

Microsoft's Hour of Code

Tutorials, videos,... at Software Carpentry

Python for Astronomers

Python Tutorial l

Linux commands,

Code Academy< - tutorials on Python, HTML, etc

Python FITS analysis package

API for python plotting module">Matplotlib-Pyplot Documentation

Pyplot Mathtext

Pyplot Errorbars

Virtual Reality

Unity tutorials

3d printing pedia

White Clouds


Tutorial on simulation of interactions of particles with matter

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