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  * [[SolidWorks workshop]] with Tyler Graf, CAE 175 Monday 14 Oct. '13 6-7pm, [Tutorial from Mar '14 (.pdf): [[attachment:SolidWorks]]]   * [[SolidWorks workshop]] with Tyler Graf, CAE 175 Monday 14 Oct. '13 6-7pm, [Tutorial from Mar '14 (.pdf): [[attachment:SolidWorks.pdf]]]

Classes and training


SolideWorks2 SolderingSimonSaysNov2014

Physics Department staff are happy to offer you training in special skills. Please contact the instructor to schedule.


  • Wisconsin Make Sustain M 3-5 pm Fall 2013 (see Sustainability project)

Upcoming miniclasses

Outside classes and training

Fab Academy classes http://fabacademy.org/archives/2014/

principles and practices, project management (Jan 29) computer-aided design (Feb 5) computer-controlled cutting (Feb 12) electronics production (Feb 19) 3D scanning and printing (Feb 26) electronics design (Mar 5) computer-controlled machining (Mar 12) embedded programming (Mar 19) molding and casting (Mar 26) input devices (Apr 2) composites (Apr 9) interface and application programming (Apr 16) mechanical design, machine design (Apr 23) output devices (Apr 30) networking and communications (May 7) applications and implications (May 14) invention, intellectual property, and income (May 21) project development (May 28) project presentation (Jun 4)

Please see the Sector67 free class list http://www.sector67.org/classes.php and the Chicago public library list at http://www.chipublib.org/events/search/?keywords=Enter+keywords...&eventType=&program=321&location=&zipCode=Enter+zip+code...&x=28&y=16

Laser cutting on Epilog http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/12/06/28/1843222/a-maker-space-favorite-using-a-laser-cutter-video

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