31 oct Introduction to Arduino Programming ( Friday @ 3:30pm )

Are you sad that there is no physics colloquium this week? Is there an absence of microcontroller awesomeness in your projects?

Well take that sadness and come down to the garage physics room ( Sterling B561 ) For short introduction to the Arduino microcontroller platform this friday at 3:30 pm. Bring your laptop since we can help you install and setup the software.

Weekend Workapalooza ( Weekend 10am - 6pm )

People have expressed the need for more office hours / help on projects. To help with this I'll hold extended garage hours this weekend ( Saturday and Sunday ) during "business hours" ( 10am - 6pm ).

Take this time to stop by and get an extra pair of hands for your project. Alternatively if you just want to come and help there are plenty of small interesting projects that you can contribute to.

Happy Halloween -Ian

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