Electricity and Magnetism: Bay A2 Right


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. Electric Fields w/Horse Hair, 5B10.45

K. Pin Wheel 5B30.50

B. Electrophorus(Small and Large), 5A10.20

L. Franklin Bells(2) 5B10.30

C. Insulated Stand

M. Rolling Glass Ball Between Electrostatic Plates 5B30.00

N. Franklin Bells(3) 5B10.30

Shelf 2

xx. Electrostatic Motor 5A50.52

D. Edison Effect Bulb 5D40.42

E. Radio in a Cage 5B20.35

Shelf 4

F. Electric Field Transparency

P. Cottrell Precipitator 5B30.60

G. Liquid Silver

Q. Volta's Hailstorm 5B10.30

I. Charge Distribution Cylinders

J. Electric Bubbles 5A40.24

Side Wall

O. Deflected Water Stream 5A40.40

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