Radio In A Cage 5B20.35

Radio in Electrostatics Cabinet, B2.

Faraday Cage in Electrostatics Cabinet, B1.

Note: the Faraday Cage has to be partially disassembled before it can be used in this demonstration.

Note: this demonstration does not work in 2103, 2223, or 2241 Chamberlin, because these rooms are already themselves Faraday Cages. It should still work in one of the rooms along the exterior of Chamberlin.

Turn the radio on and tune it to a strong station. Place it on top of the bottom lid of the Faraday Cage. Place a microphone nearby so everyone can hear the radio.

Lower the cage with the top lid attached over the radio. The radio emits static.

This shows that radio waves cannot go through the Faraday Cage.


Electric Fields And Potential



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