Electricity and Magnetism: Bay A1 Right


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. Fur (Cat or Rabbit)

O. Extra Pith Balls

B. Steel Wool

P. Confetti

C. Wool Cloth

Q. Flamingo and Bag 5A00.00

D. Silk Cloth

E. Black Rods & Lucite Rods

Shelf 4

F. Cottrell Precipitator 5B30.60

R. Electroscope 5A22.10

G. Glass Tubes

S. Electroscope

T. Electroscope

Shelf 2

H. Single Pith Balls on Stand

Side Walls

I. Stirrup 5A20.10

M. Large Foiled Pith Ball

J. Two Pith Balls 5A20.20

N. Large Pith Ball

K. Electrometer 5A22.10

L. Glass and Zinc plates for Photoelectric Effect

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