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Block of Wood on a String, 1C10.21

Topic and Concept:



A wood block with attached string is pulled horizontally across a table at constant velocity in front of a meter stick. The time interval of the displacement can be measured using a stopwatch so that the velocity can be calculated.



ID Number

Blocks of Wood on a String

ME, Bay B5, Shelf #2

DMM or Multipurpose Timer

WS, Bay B1, Shelf #2

Meter Stick

ME, Bay B1, Shelf #2

Important Setup Notes:

Setup and Procedure:

  1. Place a meter stick on the lecture bench.
  2. Position the block such that the front face of the block is in line with the edge of meter stick.
  3. Hook up the DMM or multipurpose meter in stopwatch mode. Click the respective link for setup/operation information.

  4. Begin to pull the block with constant force parallel to the meter stick. Maintain that force until the front face of the block makes it to the end of the meter stick.
  5. Have someone run the stopwatch beginning timing at the start of motion and ending when the block travels 1 m.
  6. The velocity can be calculated using the proper equation: v = (xf-xi)/(tf-ti).

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:


Discuss the physics behind the demonstration, explaining some of the various steps of the demonstration when appropriate.








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