Note to users: A number of you are making use of the Makerbot printer. Please send to Carlsmith photos of all objects printed. The photo above shows a part (red) printed for a sustainability project.

3D Printing

This project will explore applications of 3d printing. We have a Makerbot and a DIY replicator. (see Introduction to 3D Printing ) One project might be to develop an app to generate a 3D model from a cellphone photo and print solid objects using the Makerbot 3D printer in the Garage, or other tools in the WID rapid prototyping facility Another is to grow new kinds of 3D printers using parts and pieces around the Garage and downloadable/printable on the Makerbot

Warm up

What is 3D printing

Printing without boundaries

Leaders Of The 3D Printing Revolution

Thingiverse (must see)

GrabCad (more free designs)

Commercial designs

Star Trek Replicator: How to make almost anything

Wanna make your own maker?

How-to videos


Reprap, the printer that prints itself

Portable 3D printers, FoldaRap, Lulzbot, Bukito, Portabee, PrintrBot

All about consumer grade 3d printing:

Sci-fi and fantasy encouraged -- overview

WI Rapid prototyping:

Additive manufacturing in space

Design software

Federal support for additive manufacturing

3d printing org

A top 100 websites list

Compare models

Vendors, materials, ...


3d Printing Industry

Le Fab shop

UW student business,

Virginia Tech Dreams Lab (search undergrad projects)

Annual International Solid Free Form Fabrication Symposium, Austin TX (check out program)

White clouds 3dpedia

This says it all


Campus support for 3d Printing ====

See the beta website


Stratosys class online -

Model creation from photos

Model creation from scanning

Model design software


OpenSCAD, The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller,

Sketchup Make



SolidWorks (free to all engineering students from CAE), Autodesk (free to all students from DoIT)


Mechanical mechanisms

Other 3d printers on campus

The Digital Print Center, 6th floor humanities, printer bots, laser cutter, will be available with Fall 2015 to students with a WISCard with materials cost recovery. but no link yet. Contact Meg Mitchell

Contacts for campus 3d-printers (some free, some cost recovery, as of Apr 2015)

Kevin Ponto Charles Allhands Tim Osswald Meg Mitchell Steven Hilyard Duncan Carlsmith Alejandro Roldan Marianne Fairbanks Natalie Rudolph Craig Cook William Aquite Chris Meyer Rob Swader Thomas Mackie Ben Cox

Off campus printing


3dHubs and tutorial at



Suggested projects and inspiration

Digital materials

Design and print Reversibly Assembled Cellular Composite Materials , Science 1240889DOI:10.1126/science.1240889,

Digital materials/3D voxel printing:

Hiller, J., Lipson, H., (2009) "Design and analysis of digital materials for physical 3D voxel printing", Rapid Prototyping Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 137-149.

Hiller, J., Lipson, H. (2009) "Fully Recyclable Multi-Material Printing" Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF'09), Aug 3-5 2009, Austin, TX, USA.

Hiller J., Lipson H., (2008) “Tunable Digital Material Properties for 3D Voxel Printers”, Proceedings of the 19th Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin TX, Aug 2008.

Hiller J., Lipson H., (2007) “Methods of Parallel Voxel Manipulation for 3D Digital Printing”, Proceedings of the 18th Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin TX, Aug 2007, pp. 200-211.

VoxCad Software:

See Cornell Creative Machines Lab :,

Linking digital parts using programmable DNA, "Programmable Glue Made of DNA Directs Tiny Gel Bricks to Self-Assemble"

Soft robots



3D Print Show, PARIS 2013

3D printed nylon polymer lamp generates power through rotation


Novel designs in sandstone

3d backups

Electronic circuits


Print your own flute and other instruments, new ones?

UConn makes 3-D copies of antique instrument parts


3d print a cell-phone-based field-portable microscopy platform has detected isolated/individual viruses and nanoscale fluorescent objects., (pdf)

New materials such as ceramics, metal,

3d printing with liquid metal at room temperature

2-component superglue?


Oh, my.. 3d printing just got small:

Physics and instrumentation innovation

3D printing to study things like percolation networks, meta-materials,...

Open-Source 3D-Printable e.g. Optics Equipment

Camera/Design files/Printing integration:

Use of a 3D printer to develop/print Maple Seed, a biologically-inspired drone

Bioprinting and medical applications

First commercial 3-D bio-printer makes human tissue and organs

An organized approach to 3-D tissue engineering: Getting closer to viable organ implants

A DIY Bioprinter Is Born ,,

Food, glorious food!



Meat, leather, pasta, burritos

Cake? Ice cream novelties?

NYT makes a meal of this

Molecular cuisine?

So that is just reproducing foods we know. But what about making foods we've never made and could not make otherwise? Top of my head, suppose you printed a food with two interlaced near microscopic regular 3d lattices of spices. Could that excite a taste illusion in the brain that a uniform mix could not? New textures of fluffiness? A lattice of egg white and cream and then microwave it?,

3d print sugar as a base for blodd vessels: ShopBot sugar printer,


If you don't want to print it, laser-fab slices

OK, continuing in the iconoclastic vein, a 3D drawing pen:

Laser origami,


See 1d, 2d, 3d printing under Sustainability.

3d? why not 4d? Active materials by four-dimension printing, Qi Ge1, H. Jerry Qi1,a) and Martin L. Dunn2,b)

Space (or submarine) applications,

Reddit (open with care!)


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