Thermodynamics Cabinet: Bay A3


Shelf 1

Shelf 2

A. Metal Rods for Thermal Expansion of Metal Rods (4A30.58)

I. Thermal Expansion: Breaking Bolt (4A30.30)

B. Thermal Expansion of Metal Rods, (4A30.55a)

J. Thermal Expansion: Breaking Rod (4A30.30)

C. Thermal Expansion: Ball and Ring, (4A30.21)

K. Rods for Breaking Rod (4A30.30)

D. Bimetallic Strip, (4A30.10a)

E. Thermal Expansion: Balls and Plate, (4A30.22)

Shelf 3

F. Thermal Expansion: Large Ball and Ring Stand, (4A30.20)

L. Bimetallic Strip with Stand, (4A30.10b)

G. Thermal Expansion: Long Rod with Spinning Straw, (4A30.55b)

M. Thermal Expansion: Jumping Disks, (4A30.40)

H. Straw for Long Rod with Spinning Straw, (4A30.55b)

N. Bimetallic Thermometer

O. Bimetallic Strip Switch, (4A30.11)

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