Long Rod with Spinning Straw , 4A30.55


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This can also be called expansion rod with straw. A long metal rod is put on 2 blocks of wood near the edge of the table so that the straw can spin. A lead brick is put over one side of the rod. A pin with straw is inserted between another side of rod and the wooden block.



ID Number

Long rod with spinning straw set

TD, A3, Shelf #1


2 blocks of wood

Lead brick



Note: Make sure that one of the red & white gas cart are in placed and the gas hose is connected to the utility trench gas line. The gas cylinder that supplies the gas to utility trench gas line may or may not be connected/installed and should be inspected.

  1. Put the long rod on the woods by the two end of the rod.
  2. On one end, put the lead brick on top of the rod. On another end, put the pin with the straw in between the rod and a wood block.

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Beware of the heated rod.
  2. You should use the high enough wood block that allows the straw to spin.


This demonstration show the thermal expansion of the material. Once you put the lead brick on the one end of the rod that means it can hardly expand on the side. While you heat the rod by the burner, the rod is starting to extend to the other side. You will see the straw spinning while you heat the rod because the extension of the rod makes the pin spin forward. Due to this, it makes the straw spinning.

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Thermal Properties of Matter



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