Mechanics Cabinet: Bay A3


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. One Liter Cubes, 1A10.50

S. Metronomes, 1A10.40a

B. Caliper, Spherometer, 1A20.41c

T. Metronome, Electric

C. Devil's levels

U. Medium Steradian Model, 1A30.35

D. 1lb mass, Standard Masses, 1A10.20

V. Conic Sections, 1L20.40

E. 2lb mass

W. Small Steradian Model, 1A30.35

F. XYZ Unit Vector, 1A30.10

X. WWV, by telephone, 1A10.45

G. Large Steradian Model

H. Radian model

Shelf 4

Y. Homemade gauge blocks

Shelf 2

Z. Hoke precision gauge blocks, 1A10.31

K. 1 Foot Rulers

AA. Sextant

L. Drafting Rulers

M. Slide Rulers

Shelf 5

N. 1ns, 1A10.36

AB. Stop Clocks, 1A10.40b

O. Abacus

AC. WWV receiver, 1A10.45

P. Caliper, Vernier, 1A20.41a

AD. WWV receiver, 1A10.45

Q. Unknown Dial Micrometer

AE. Stop Watches

R. Caliper, Micrometer, 1A20.41d

AF. Stop Timers

Side Walls

I. 4 Arrows with magnets, 1A40.30

J. Large vernier Caliper Model, 1A20.41b

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