Troy Project

This project organized by Professor Carlsmith is to study and develop techniques used to look at and into the Earth with possible application to an archaeological expedition to Troy with the Molecular Archaeology Group. In particular, a feasibility study of using cosmic ray muon attenuation and scattering to image subsurface structures is being performed with GEANT simulations with the goal of evaluating time and resolution and size tradeoffs with realistic models based on the Troy citadel.


Other techniques being reviewed for possible application are):

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Calendar 2013-14

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming meetings of the Molecular Archaeology Group in Fall 2013, in Biotechnology Center, Room 1360 (same room as last semester). All meetings are from 9-10 am on the Tuesdays listed blow. Bagels and coffee will be provided.

September 17 Dr. Phil Farrell (Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine and Public Health and former Dean of the University of Wisconsin Medical School) on the origins of cystic fibrosis in Bronze Age Europe

October 1 Dr. William Kelso (Director of Research and Interpretation for the Preservation Virginia Jamestown Rediscovery project) on the Jamestown Fort site

October 15 Dr. Martin Shafer (Associate Scientist, UW-Madison College of Engineering, Environmental Health Division, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, and Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison ) on lead (and other trace elements) in ancient Roman populations of Londinium

October 29 no meeting

November 12 Dr. Greg Barrett-Wilt (Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison Biotechnology Center, Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Facility) on proteomics and chemical residue analyses on ancient ceramics

November 26 Dr. Duncan Carlsmith (Professor, UW-Madison Department of Physics) on muography and applications to archaeology

December 10 Dr. Drew Kitchen (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine) topic TBA

MAG is also co-sponsoring several special events with other campus units at different times and places. Please see the schedule below and mark your calendars:

September 26, Thursday, 3:30 pm Ebling Symposium Center, Microbial Sciences Building, 1550 Linden Dr. Dr. Richard Evershed, Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Bristol, School of Chemistry Title: Reading the Residues: Molecular and Isotopic Signatures from Human Prehistory Sponsored by the University Lectures Committee, the Department of Bacteriology, and many others (see attached poster)

Tuesday, October 1, 7 pm Wisconsin State Historical Society Auditorium Dr. William M. Kelso, Director of Archaeology, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Rediscovery Title: Jamestown: The Buried Truth co-sponsored by the Wisconsin State Historical Society

Tuesday, October 15, 7 pm Wisconsin State Historical Society Auditorium Dr. Deborah Carlson, Associate Professor and Sara W. and George O. Yamini Fellow, Texas A&M University; President, Institute of Nautical Archaeology Title: TBA (topic will concern shipwrecks and maritime archaeology) co-sponsored by the Wisconsin State Historical Society

Thursday, October 17, 1:30 pm 1111 Biotechnology Center Auditorium Dr. Hendrick Poinar, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), McMaster University Title: TBA (topic will concern evolutionary genetics and biological anthropology) Sponsored by the UWBC Genome Center of Wisconsin

Calendar 2012-13

Please find below the complete Molecular Archaeology Group Meeting Schedule for Spring 2013. Every other Tuesday in The Biotechnology Center, Room 1360, 9-10 am. Bagels and coffee provided. As you see fit, please circulate this to colleagues, post-docs, and graduate students with an interest in molecular archaeology. These meetings are informal discussions -- no longer than one hour -- featuring a topic introduced (in 10 minutes) by a specialist who may circulate material in advance for discussion (not required). The majority of the hour will be focused on discussion and exchange.

3/5: Dr. William Aylward (Department of Classics) on Troy and archaeological science

3/19: Dr. David Meiggs (Department of Anthropology) on isotopes and aDNA

4/2: Dr. Greg Barrett-Wilt (Director, Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Facility) on archaeo-proteomics

4/16: Dr. Jim Burton ()Director, T. Douglas Price Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry on isotopes and geographic origins of humans

4/30: Dr. Caitlin Pepperell (Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Medicine) on origin of M. tuberculosis

5/14: Dr. Erika MarĂ­n-Spiotta (Assistant Professor of Geography) on measurements of human legacies on soil organic matter and soil properties


UT Maya Muon Tomography group

Photos from UT-Austin imager 2013

UTDetector UTonRoof



Muon scattering at the Fukushima nuclear reactors

Neutrino tomography

Maya Muon Tomography Muon Tracking, and Muon Simulation, CheukKai Hui (MS Thesis)

Commerical applications

Decisions Sciences Corp

3D scanning

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