Every year, an estimated 250 billion paper receipts are offered US customers. Many are automatically printed, declined by customers, and collected for disposal. Concerns have been raised about BPA in thermal paper and some municipalities do not permit thermal paper in recycling streams. What can be done to reduce this annoyance and the waste stream? In some cases, simply changing the store policy to print upon demand will reduce receipt printing by an estimated factor of 30 in campus coffee shops and markets.

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I got a receipt for a donut


IRS on record keeping

Bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper

Thermal printing

Retail sales data

"Bisphenol A Alternatives in Thermal Paper" from BPA Alternatives in Thermal Paper Partnership

BPA free thermal paper (Appvion, Appleton WI),

Embedded Red Fibers Now Make BPA-Free Receipt Paper Easy to Spot,

Communicating to Inspire Change and Sustainability (Bret Shaw, Bioneers 2013)

e-receipts technologies,



Rachel Feil, LEED AP BD+C, Communications Coordinator - Office of Sustainability, Writing Editor - The Wisconsin Engineer Magazine, Civil Engineering & Environmental Studies Undergraduate, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Kyla Kaplan, Spring 2014 intern for ASM on the Sustainability Committee

Andrea Perkins,

Consultant: Bret Shaw, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 608-890-1878,,

Showcase 2014 Poster


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