Methane Digester

Proponents: Francisco Schlenker, Phillip Buelow

Construction and testing of small-scale microbial digester that produces usable methane gas.


Various designs exist, some more complicated than others. Essentially is comprised of a sealed digesting vessel in which compost, manure and/or vegetable scraps combined with water and a microbial inoculation produce methane as a by product of microbial metabolism. The gas is then drawn off and burned. Difference in designs mainly revolve around how to accomplish this second step. Some employ a separate gas storage vessel, more simple designs collect the gas above the digesting slurry. Youtube video of a design that I think is sophisticated enough without being difficult for a preliminary effort:

Commercial examples: ,

Other examples: ,


Based on the above design and others - two to three 55 gallon plastic drums; PVC Tubing, connectors, etc.; manure/vegetable scraps and microbes; and the tools necessary to assemble the system seem like the basic requirements. Refinements to the basic system seem not to require too many extra materials, maybe a little metal working and some creative sourcing.


Seems simple enough if done carefully, also potentially fun. The time frame to get usable gas from what I understand is about two weeks after set up.


Initial objective to get combustible gas with a later focus on filtration and clean burning methane. Safety important here.

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