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This project is about developing apps for Google Glass, a computer on your face. App writers and creatives are needed to create assistive apps for UW Physics educational labs, and experiential learning augmentation. Of course, there are other possibilities... Contact Carlsmith if interested. Android app coding experience a plus.

For general info, see the Google Glass Explorer Program and, well, Google it.

To learn about coding, see

Options available for python, php, ruby, etc.

There are hardware projects Glass should inspire. Power is an issue. Can you can make your own with Raspberry pi and a camera? Here is an idea about easing eye strain:




Brigham Young: Google Glass adaptation opens the universe to deaf students

Combining technologies (see EEG project)

Mind control app lets you snap photos with Google Glass just by focusing,

Hair brained ideas

Design a "Google Contacts." Hey, maybe the power requirement is low and could be met. Just do the display part.

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