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 * [[About Garage Physics]] - General information
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 * [[About Garage Physics]] - General information  * [[Classes]] - Learn Something. Teach Something!
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 * [[MadisonTech]] - Madison community tech group links

Garage Physics

The Garage Physics lab in B651 Sterling Hall is an active space for both self-study and mentoring intended to support the Makerbot /synthetic biology/garage-physicist/entrepreneur generation of students joining our campus, in particular those joining the physics department and our undergraduate University Physical Society. It will offer UW-Madison undergraduates in physics a place to explore existing educational experiments in more depth, play with physics demonstrations and equipment, learn safe procedures and laboratory techniques, and ultimately explore their own creative ideas and conduct research of their own, all in an unstructured safe environment.

To learn how to use this wiki and the Garage, see About Garage Physics. For further information or questions about access to the garage, please contact Duncan Carlsmith, duncan@hep.wisc.edu , or Brett Unks, unks@wisc.edu .


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