Physics Demonstrations


This project is devoted to the development and use of physics demonstrations for introductory classes. Explore demonstrations you have seen in class ( see ), develop new demonstrations (suggestions below), or work on the development of a video library ala Here ( is someone capitalizing on one of our standard physics demonstrations. What others could be developed into a product?

The following list of physics demonstration development projects (compensation possible) are offered by Steve Narf:

Garage Physics Projects

1. Large Pelletron Overhaul: A pelletron is an electrostatic generator similar to that of a Van de Graaff generator.

2. Two smaller Pelletron generator projects.

3. Ripple Tank: Take all ripple tanks that I have and make something that work well enough for lecture that can be setup within 5 minutes.

4. Modify “Breaking Glass with Sound” demo by using a audio feedback loop. Box may need to be remade as well.

5. Building of a “real” Hertz’s Experiment

6. Design/Construction of a TV/CRT exhibit for the physics museum.

7. Redesign/Construction of the Chladni Plate exhibit for the physics museum.

8. Rebuild Spectra Lamp demonstration

9. Duplicate large Mousetrap Chain Reactor.

10. Design/Construction of a large Topler-Holz(Voss) electrostatic generator.

11. Design/Construction of an additive Leyden Jar demonstration.

12. Rebuild an old Van de Graaff generator.

13. Construction of a large Hydraulic Press demonstration to break 2x4’s

14. Finish building the portable Glass Geyser with padded suitcase.

15. Construction of a large LR time constant demonstration.

16. Anything that is “Grayed Out” within lecture demo data base. (eq. Mechanics: Measurement)

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