Sustainable white board


The goal of project is to develop sustainable alternatives to white boards for use in educational and commercial settings. The inspiration is the Buddha Board (, a water based marking system with high contrast that erases through evaporation. According to the manufacturer, that technology is not robust enough for a white board replacement. What might be?


Buddha board images


People like water. No ink. No ink dust. No disposable pens. High contrast. Apply substrate as paint to any surface.


Number of students in the US is of order 80 million. Take 20 students and a few white/black boards per class. That's just the education market.


Material should be safe and sustainable. Auto erase should be controllable. Use long evaporative time constant then heat or hair dryer for wipe for quick erase?

Before you get snarky...

Yes, I have heard of the ancient technology called the blackboard. Pretty sustainable those. Plus you can stick magnets on em..



Phosphorescent Laser Painting

Draw with lasers

Playing with a Blue Laser and Phosphorescent Paint


Drawing in liquid with light,


Tiny projector


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