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Image credit: Left; Middle ; right Carlsmith

Antibubbles are fluid-filled nearly spherical shells of gas in a fluid. Antibubble formation may be observed when water drips from a faucet into soapy water. As the drop enters, it drags an envelope of air around itself. The shell thickness is of order 5 micron but the shell appears much thicker due to optical refraction. The lifetime (seconds to hours) is governed by the viscosity of the gas and possible surfactant as the core drops relative to the surrounding fluid. This project will explore methods of making and of stabilizing antibubbles, and explore interactions mediated by fluid with other fluid structures such as waves, walls, other antibubbles, globules, and bubbles.

Two movies of globules including bubbleonium merger (antibubble+globule=>larger antibubble)

High speed photography of air-film breakup:

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