Work Meter, 1M20.11

Location: * L.S Ingersol Physics Museum Front of Room



This demonstration shows how much work is being done to lift a set of weights.



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Ingersoll Museum


  1. No Setup Needed

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Wire can jump off guarded axis, bigger side guards would correct


A tower is set with a electric motor at the top to provide the work needed to lift the weights. A wire is attached to the rotating axle and the platform where the weight will be added. A meter stick is then mounted on the tower to track the distance the platform will move. When the motor pulls on the platform it does work which can be seen by the distance the platform moves and the power needed to move it.

References: 1. Hyper Physics 2. Hyper Physics: Work, Energy, Power

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