Wood Dowels With Brass Tube , 4B30.40


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A heat conduction demonstration. Demonstration setup time is less then 5 minutes. Gas cart setup time is 5 minutes if not installed.

In this demonstration, two wooden dowels are inserted, part way, into both ends of a brass tube, 5/4 inches in diameter. A standard sheet of paper is then wrapped around the brass tube covering the whole tube and over lapping the wooden dowels evenly and placed over an open flame. Will the paper burn?



ID Number

Wood dowels and brass tube

TD, A4, Shelf #2




Meker Burner

TD, A1, Shelf #2


Note: Make sure that one of the red & white gas cart are in placed and the gas hose is connected to the utility trench gas line. The gas cylinder that supplies the gas to utility trench gas line may or may not be connected/installed and should be inspected.

  1. Insert both wooden dowels into both ends of the brass tube.
  2. Wrap a standard sheet of paper around the brass tube as tightly as possible. The paper should over lapping the wooden dowels evenly.
  3. Tape only the seam of the paper and not to the wooden dowels.
  4. Connect a Meker Burner to an outlet on the red panel of the gas cart.
  5. Safety Glasses
  6. Matches or Liter

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Beware of hot flame. Sometimes that flame can not be seen
  2. Know where the Fire Extinguishers are located.
  3. Demonstration may require practice.


To show the thermal conductivity of the metal and wood, move the dowel system described above over an open flame and heat the paper evenly. Keep the taped seam away from the flame as much as possible. The paper will begin to darken. However, the paper that is wrapped around the wood parts will darker more than that the paper that is raped around the brass tube. This is because the brass conducts the heat away more rapidly than the wooden area.

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  1. List any references

Heat and the First Law



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