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Tippy Sprott

TD, A2, Shelf "T"


250 Watt heat lamp

TD, A?, Shelf "?"


190x100 Beaker

Shelf over the sink area 2237



Shelf over the sink area 2237



  1. Make sure that the Tippy Sprott is assembled. If not do the following.
    • - Insert the Pivot into the openings at the top of the two legs as per the photo above and make the Tippy Sprott move to and fro freely.
  2. Make the head of the Tippy Sprott wet as much as you can by using the sponge to absorb the water and then squeezes it over the Tippy Sprott's head.
  3. Turn on the 250 Watt heat lamp. Aim the center of the heat from the lamp to the bottom of the Tippy Sprott. Then the Tippy Sprott begins tipping himself. It takes about 10 minutes in the first tip and then it takes about 50-55 seconds per oscillation.

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Do not break the tube( Sprott body). The blue liquid (dichloromethane or methylene chloride) is an acute inhalation hazard and can cause optic neuropathy and hepatitis.

  2. Be sure keep the Tippy Sprott's in the place where the air ventilating regularly.


Put water on the head of Tippy Sprott and also turn on the heat lamp and aim the light to the bottom of the Tippy Sprott. When water evaporates, it makes the temperature of the glass head lower. This makes some of the blue liquid (dichloromethane or methylene chloride) vapor to condense. In addition, the heat from the heat lamp makes the blue liquid evaporates and makes the pressure at the bottom of Tippy Sprott higher. From ideal gas law, the pressure in the head of the Tippy Sprott drop due to the lower temperature and condensation and also the pressure in the bottom of Tippy Sprott increase due to the vapor pressure. The difference of the pressure between the head and base of the Tippy Sprott causes the blue liquid to be pushed up from the bottom. Then the head of the Tippy Sprott become heavy and tips over. While the Tippy Sprott tips over, it makes air hole that can make blue liquid flows back to the bottom bulb and this makes Tippy Sprott go back to its near vertical position again (Because the blue liquid cannot go back all).



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