2 Rods with Marbles , 4B30.10


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Thermal conduction properties. Two metal rods which have marbles attach along the rods with equal separation. Both rods are clamped at one end and connected another end to each other. The burner is placed under the connected point and heat the rods.



ID Number

2 Rods with stand

TD, A4, Shelf #1

Marbles box and bee wax

TD, A4, Shelf #2



Note: Make sure that one of the red & white gas cart are in placed and the gas hose is connected to the utility trench gas line. The gas cylinder that supplies the gas to utility trench gas line may or may not be connected/installed and should be inspected.

  1. Make sure that the marbles are attached to the rods in equal distance apart with wax. If not, you can use a bee wax to adhere the marbles to the rods.
  2. Adjust the height of the rods level that it have to have a decent height above the burner.

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Beware of the heated rods.


Join two rods(1-copper, 1 steel) at the center. Marbles are attached to rods equal distance from the center with wax. Then heat the center(end of each rod) and show marbles falling off at different rate and distance.

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  1. List any references

Heat and the First Law



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