Physics 109 Demonstrations

Here is a composite list of demos that have been used for this course in the past and are grouped by Lecture days. This list is only a reference guide and may differ from actual demos used in lecture depending on which faculty is teaching this course.

Thanks to Pupa Gilbert for the Organization of this list


Class 1 Introduction, Reflection

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9


Class 10

Class 11

Class 11

Thursday February 26 Photography: putting it all together No demos needed 1. Evaluation forms and pencils

Tuesday March 3 exam I no demos needed


Class S1:

Class S2:

Class S3

Class S4

Class Exam II, no demos needed

Class S5

Class S6

Class S7

Class S8

Class S9

Class S10

Class S11

Class No class

Class S12

Class S13

Class Exam III, no demos needed



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