Museum E-Letters

Good Afternoon and Happy Holidays

Thank you so very much for all the support for our field trip to Madison yesterday. Our students and staff were so excited with the tours that we received. Your tour guides provided us with wonderful information. They both went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Our students loved the chance to hear and see what college felt like. Both students really took the time to care about our students. What a tribute to the University. Special thanks to the workers at Babcok for making us our delicious treats and being so patient.

Our friends at the Geology and Physics Museums went out of their way to engage our students in activities that made them all excited to learn. We are still talking about this morning in all of our classes!!

Special thanks to you Jessica and your staff--Not only did you help me arrange this activity, you took the extra time to help me with the bus itinerary. As a teacher, I could not of done it without your expertise!!

I just want to let you all know what a fantastic job you are doing!! It will be highlight of our school year. You represent the best of what we can hope our students grow up to be like!! I thank you all!!

Sincerely, Barbara A. Mc Ardle Monroe Middle School Monroe, WI 53566



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