Electric Wind 5B30.40


The Electric wind demonstration is located in the Electrostatics Cabinet, B2.

The Toepler-Holtz machine is located in the Electrostatics Cabinet, A3.

Discharge the Toepler-Holtz machine by using the insulated handles to place the two electrodes in contact with each other.

Connect the positive terminal (right-hand side as you face the machine) of the Toepler-Holtz machine to the brass cylindroid.

Connect the negative terminal of the Toepler-Holtz machine to the candle stand.

Set the lever on the bottom front of the Toepler-Holtz to the middle position (the high-current position).

Move the point of the needle on the end of the cylindroid so that it is about 0.5 cm from the base of the candle wick.

Separate the terminals of the Toepler-Holtz by more than 5 cm, to prevent arcing.

Crank the Toepler-Holtz. The candle flame should flicker and go out.

Objects charged to a sufficiently high positive potential, in air, tend to emit a beam of positively-charged ions called the "ion wind", from points or sharp edges. If you hook up the cylindroid to the negative terminal of the Toepler-Holtz, the candle flame will not flicker, or go out.

When done, discharge the Toepler-Holtz.

Be careful not to approach the electrodes of the Toepler-Holtz before it is discharged--the spark from the Toepler-Holtz can be painful and possibly cause injury.

Electric Fields and Potential



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