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Earth-Moon-Sun Model, 8A20.64

Topic and Concept:



A 10" globe, a painted tennis ball, and a 100 W bulb are used to represent the Earth-Moon-Sun system.



ID Number

10" Globe

ME, Bay B1, Shelf #2

Painted Tennis Ball

ME, Bay B1, Shelf #2

100 W Bulb in Lamp

ME, Bay B1, Shelf #2

Important Setup Notes:

Setup and Procedure:

  1. Place the globe, painted tennis ball, and lamp on the lecture bench.
  2. Plug in the lamp.
  3. Use the setup to model/discuss phases of the moon, eclipses, seasons, days, etc.

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

Discussion: The earth - moon system is important to study. The moon has a large influence on Earth whether it be on ocean tides or on human cultures. The tilt of the earth gives us our seasons. Also, were at a kind of "sweet spot" away from the sun that allows for our habitable climate. It also happens that for our distance from the sun and our distance from the moon, the moon is just big enough to give us the visually striking eclipses that we see from Earth.







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