Centrifugal Governor,

Location: * L.S Ingersol Physics Museum Front of the Room



Illustrates the use of centrifugal motion in simple machines.



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Ingersoll Museum


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Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Handle may become loose
  2. Tether line may slip off track

Demonstration: A vertical rotating axle which has to arms of mass to protrude from the top at 45 degrees. At the bottom of the axle is a spring base that is allowed to be push down when the arms extend outward. This spring base then moves a half valve causing it to open and close. So the rotation axle cause the arms to sweep outward due to centrifugal motion, as the arms move outward more pressure is being pushed on the spring base, this in turn causes the valve to open and close depending upon the motion of the rotating arms. A great example of this is on old steam engines. .

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