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Welcome to the Kolkowitz Lab!

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Our lab focuses on metrology, tests of fundamental physics, and nanoscale sensing using quantum systems.

In particular, we are building some of the most precise clocks in the world out of ultracold strontium atoms trapped in optical lattices. We are investigating ways to make these “optical lattice clocks” even more precise and accurate. We are also developing novel applications of these amazing instruments, including new tests of relativity, space-based gravitational wave detectors, and searches for dark matter and other physics beyond the Standard Model.

We are also researching new sensing techniques using single atom-scale defects trapped inside of diamonds. We are developing new protocols using spatial and temporal correlations between these defects to probe correlated dynamics in strongly interacting condensed matter systems. In the future, we also plan to investigate new and under-explored defects in diamond for nanoscale magnetometry with improved sensitivity and resolution.

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