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X-rays from peeling tape


This project is an exploration of X-ray production from pulling scotch tape. You may not believe this, but hear me out. If you peel tape off a reel in vacuum at a few cm per second rate, megahertz of 10-40 keV X-rays are produced. X-ray imaging is easy.

For inspiration see http://www.nature.com/nature/videoarchive/x-rays/ and "Correlation between nanosecond X-ray flashes and stick–slip friction in peeling tape," Carlos G. Camara1,2, Juan V. Escobar1,2, Jonathan R. Hird1 & Seth J. Putterman, Nature 455, 1089-1092 (23 October 2008) | doi:10.1038/nature07378; Received 30 December 2007; Accepted 27 August 2008

This project requires vacuum and attention to X-ray radiation hazards.

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  • Duncan Carlsmith

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