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Federal internships https://www.usajobs.gov/StudentsAndGrads Federal Pathways program internships https://www.usajobs.gov/StudentsAndGrads

Resources for independent research, internships, and careers:

Board of Visitors Fund for Undergraduate Research

In 2013, the Physics Department's Board of Visitors has graciously established a new fund to support physics undergraduate research. Questions about the fund may be addressed to Professor Carlsmith.

Professional Organizations

American Physical Society http://www.aps.org/

American Institute of Physics http://www.aip.org/

Society of Physics Students http://www.spsnational.org/

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance | NCIIA http://nciia.org/students/

Institute of Physics http://www.iop.org/

Optical Society of American http://www.osa.org

SPIE Student Chapter UW-Madison http://spie.microscopy.wisc.edu/about

Funding available to undergraduates

The "Future Faces of Physics" Award--Outreach to underrepresented students in physics. Can the physics club and garage physics partner up to do a project to reach out to students in rural WI and show them the awesomeness of physics? Or to minority students in Milwaukee? Or young women in the Madison area? You get the idea. Deadline Oct 15 http://www.spsnational.org/programs/awards/futurefaces.htm

Society of Physics Students Marsh White Awards--Outreach to the general public like the WI Science Festival would qualify for this award. Deadline Nov 15 http://www.spsnational.org/programs/awards/white.htm

Undergraduate Research Award--for general research projects. If Garage Physics members ever decide to take on a bigger project, this is a great place to get the funds for it. Deadline Nov 15 UW Undergraduate Research Program: http://www.lssaa.wisc.edu/urs/research/index.html

UW Letter and Science Honors Program: http://www.honors.ls.wisc.edu/SiteContent.aspx?prev=1&id=46

Wisconsin Space Grant: http://www.uwgb.edu/wsgc/

Student Awards Program in Fuel Cycle Research: http://www.fuelcycleinnovations.org/

APS DNP Conference Experience for Undergraduates http://physics.westmont.edu/ceu

UW Undergraduate Symposium: http://www.learning.wisc.edu/ugsymposium/

UW Hilldale Research Fellowships: http://www.provost.wisc.edu/uaa/awards/hilldale.html

UW Bookstore Academic Excellence Award: http://www.provost.wisc.edu/uaa/awards/bookstore.html

DAAD RISE-Research Internships in Science and Engineering: http://www.daad.de/rise/en/

Optical Society of America student grants and fellowship http://www.osa.org/en-us/membership/student_services/awards_grants_fellowships/

UW Grants http://grants.library.wisc.edu/index.html

Student Research on Campus Sustainability Award http://www.aashe.org/about/aashe-awards/student-research

Funding for graduate student projects

WARF Discovery Challenge: http://www.warf.org/about/index.jsp?cid=61&scid=129

WID Emerging Interfaces Award: http://wid.wisc.edu/programs/emerging-interfaces-award/application/

National Academies http://sites.nationalacademies.org/pga/rap/

Semiconductor Research Corporation http://www.src.org/student-center/


NSF https://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/

DOE http://science.energy.gov/wdts/suli/

NASA https://intern.nasa.gov/

APL http://www.jhuapl.edu/employment/summer/


DOE/INFN Summer Exchange Program: http://www.infn.it/summer_student/

UW REU Program: http://www.astro.wisc.edu/undergrads/uw-madison-reu-program/

Harvard WYSS. Wyss-funded summer research positions for undergraduates from any university to work at the Wyss will be advertised through the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science's REU program. http://wyss.harvard.edu/

Biomedical Engineering Society: http://bmes.org/about

Shine Medical Technologies (2013 Startup in Monona): http://careers.shinemed.com/job-type/internship/

Atom Probe (Madison, microscopes) http://www.atomprobe.com/ Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D. Division Vice President of AMETEK, Inc., CAMECA Instruments, Inc. 5500 Nobel Drive, Suite 100, thomas.kelly@ametek.com Madison, WI 53711-4951 www.cameca.com Direct Phone: +1.608.229.1954 Main Phone: +1.608.274.6880 or toll free +1.877.464.6246 Fax: +1.608.442.0622 Mobile: +1.608.239.8470

Academic credit for internships, Internship in the Liberal Arts & Sciences http://interlsinternship.pbworks.com/w/page/20058673/INTER-LS%20260, http://careers.ls.wisc.edu/academic-credit-and-more--students.htm

Federal Pathways program internships https://www.usajobs.gov/StudentsAndGrads


APS Society of Physics Students list http://www.compadre.org/student/scholarships/browse.cfm

APS list http://www.aps.org/programs/education/undergrad/students/scholarships.cfm

Horizon http://wid.ndia.org/horizon/Pages/default.aspx

Faculty development

UW Baldwin Awards: http://www.provost.wisc.edu/baldwin.htm

Crowd source sites

Kickstarter: http://kickstarter.com

Eureka Fund http://eurekafund.org/projects/category

Petridish http://www.petridish.org/

FundAGeek http://www.fundageek.com

21 Examples of Crowdsourced fundraising platforms http://www.alumnifutures.com/2012/07/crowdsourced.html

Crowd funding for universities http://www.launcht.com/blog/2012/12/18/state-of-crowdfunding-in-higher-education/

Tomorrow’s coolest products from today’s best Makers. http://www.dragoninnovation.com/

Fundly http://fundly.com/fundraising-ideas

Other sources

Do Something! http://www.dosomething.org/about/who-we-are


Looking for project ideas? Try http://cordis.europa.eu/projects/home_en.html


AAPT careers information http://jobs.aapt.org/

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