For Fall 2017:

Brett Unks (unks at will be in Garage MW 3:00-4:30pm.

Physics graduate research student April Zhaoning Yu( yu83 at Tuesday&Thursday 4.30pm-7pm starting Nov. 8th.

Physics graduate research student Julian Irwin (jjirwin at will be in Garage hours TBD --- Hey All,

Please join me in welcoming April Yu and Julian Irwin to Garage Physics. They are going to be working in Garage a few hours per week. Feel free to ask them for a hand with your projects. I think they are going to be a fantastic addition.

As a result, we’ll be expanding the open hours substantially. Stop by and make something!

Open Garage hours will now be as follows: M 3 - 6:15 T 4:30 - 7 W 3 - 7 R 4:30 – 7

Be sure to check out the calendar for any changes:

Workshop dates will be announced in the next week.


The Physics Club ( is happy to provide office hours to Garage Physicists. Contact the Physics Club at