Innovation centers, incubators, makerspaces

This page is a list of links to university and private innovation centers and business incubators and to a variety of makerspaces

US Universities

Gateway Technical College Fab Lab

Purdue Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL)

University of Southern Califormia Undergraduate Innovation center and Fabrication lab

Nuvention at Northwestern

Harvard Innovation Lab

Duke University Innovation Co-lab

Lawrence University Innovation and Entrepreneurship program

Georgia Tech version of Garage Physics and Invention Studio

North Carolina state Garage and proposed innovation center

Stanford Fablab

MIT Fablab to make anything

Colorado University Innovation Hyperlab,

U. Penn Ed. Tech Incubator

University of Florida Innovation Academy

University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development,

Florida Innovation Hub


Milwaukee School of Engineering Rapid Prototyping Center

International universities

University of Toronto

Talks and news

Pitch for learning lab/FabLab at school (Paulo Blikstein, in 21st century



MIT Museum

A talk on the place for Makerspaces in higher education that mentions UW Madison Garage Physics

Hackerspace challenge

Redesigning Education: Building Schools for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (and Art) (STEAM not STEM)

Connected learning

Summary of Fablab 2012 with links

Fritzing, an open-source hardware initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics.


Makerspaces and innovation centers

University Business Incubator Index Global Top List 2013


Wisonsin Institute for Discovery Rapid Prototyping Center


Makerspace: Madison Public Library sees innovation centers as a key part of its future

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Appleton (Fox Valley Technical College)

Oshkosh (Fox Valley Technical College, site #2)

Menomonie (University of Wisconsin-Stout)

Stoughton (Stoughton High School)


Chicago Public Library 'Maker Space': Branch To Open Lab With 3-D Printers, Laser Cutters & More,

Ann Arbor

NASA Research Park Singularity Lab

Sacramento Hacker Lab


Fablab Nuerberg

Fab Lab International

Global Fablab network

General list of hackerspaces

Libraries as makerspaces

Student org

Makerspace resources

Innovation Africa

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