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Whitewater http://www.whitewatermakerspace.org/#

Innovation centers, incubators, makerspaces

This page is a list of links to university and private innovation centers and business incubators and to a variety of makerspaces

US Universities

Gateway Technical College Fab Lab https://www.gtc.edu/wedd/industrial-design-fab-lab

Purdue Artisan and Fabrication Lab (AFL) https://engineering.purdue.edu/aflapps/

University of Southern Califormia Undergraduate Innovation center http://vsi2.usc.edu/ and Fabrication lab http://viterbi.usc.edu/students/undergrad/research/fablab/

Nuvention at Northwestern http://fcei.northwestern.edu/curriculum/nuvention/index.html

Harvard Innovation Lab http://ilab.harvard.edu/

Duke University Innovation Co-lab https://colab.duke.edu/

Lawrence University Innovation and Entrepreneurship program https://www.lawrence.edu/academics/programs/node/1744

Georgia Tech version of Garage Physics and Invention Studio http://inventionstudio.gatech.edu/about/

North Carolina state Garage and proposed innovation center http://ei.ncsu.edu/garage/

Stanford Fablab http://tltl.stanford.edu/ https://tltl.stanford.edu/projects

MIT Fablab to make anything http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/faq/

Colorado University Innovation Hyperlab http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR12/Session/Q37.3, http://clas.ucdenver.edu/deansNotes/spotlight/tagg%27s_innovation_hyperlab_the_focus_of_entrepreneurship_programs__

U. Penn Ed. Tech Incubator http://campustechnology.com/articles/2013/10/31/u-penn-school-of-ed-launches-education-tech-incubator.aspx?=CTNU

University of Florida Innovation Academy http://innovationacademy.aa.ufl.edu/message-from-the-director.aspx

University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation http://warrington.ufl.edu/centers/cei/

Santa Fe College Center for Innovation and Economic Development http://www.sfcollege.edu/cied/, http://www.sfcollege.edu/cied/incubator/

Florida Innovation Hub http://www.floridainnovationhub.ufl.edu/

LeHigh http://www4.lehigh.edu/news/newsarticle.aspx?Channel=%2FChannels%2FNews+2013&WorkflowItemID=2c0dbb0d-3212-4303-bea2-5722d55f8239

Milwaukee School of Engineering Rapid Prototyping Center http://www.rpc.msoe.edu/machines.php

International universities

University of Toronto http://criticalmaking.com/

Talks and news

Pitch for learning lab/FabLab at school (Paulo Blikstein, http://www.blikstein.com/paulo/) in 21st century http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylhfpDAniqM

CalTEch MAKEaTHON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqF_mfbF6Kk

Tex A&M MAKEaTHON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=293KKDBHGc0

MIT Museum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeHgyUbCZU&hd=1

A talk on the place for Makerspaces in higher education that mentions UW Madison Garage Physics http://www.educause.edu/eli/events/eli-annual-meeting/2013/case-campus-makerspace

Hackerspace challenge http://www.element14.com/community/groups/the-great-global-hackerspace-challenge

Redesigning Education: Building Schools for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (and Art) (STEAM not STEM) http://www.fastcompany.com/1656067/redesigning-education-building-schools-science-technology-engineering-and-math

Connected learning http://www.makesummer.org/about

Summary of Fablab 2012 with links http://makerspace.com/maker-news/fablearn-2012-digital-fabrication-in-education-conference

Fritzing, an open-source hardware initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics. http://fritzing.org/

K12 http://fablearn.stanford.edu/2013/program/

Makerspaces and innovation centers

University Business Incubator Index Global Top List 2013 http://ubiindex.com/global-top-list-2013/


Wisonsin Institute for Discovery Rapid Prototyping Center http://prototype.wisc.edu/contact

Sector67 http://www.sector67.org/

Makerspace: Madison Public Library sees innovation centers as a key part of its future

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/writers/pat_schneider/makerspace-madison-public-library-sees-innovation-centers-as-a-key/article_3f8e9334-4d39-11e2-a1e0-001a4bcf887a.html#ixzz2ciuPhgFH


Whitewater http://www.whitewatermakerspace.org/#

Appleton (Fox Valley Technical College)

Oshkosh (Fox Valley Technical College, site #2)

Menomonie (University of Wisconsin-Stout)

Stoughton (Stoughton High School)


Chicago Public Library 'Maker Space': Branch To Open Lab With 3-D Printers, Laser Cutters & More http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/19/chicago-public-library-maker-space_n_3466732.html, http://cplmakerlab.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/maker-lab-launches/

Ann Arbor http://maker-works.com/wordpress/

NASA Research Park Singularity Lab http://singularityu.org/labs/

Sacramento Hacker Lab http://hackerlab.org/


Fablab Nuerberg http://www.fablab-nuernberg.de/

Fab Lab International http://www.fablabinternational.org

Global Fablab network http://cucfablab.org/about-champaign-urbana-community-fab-lab/global-fab-lab-network

General list of hackerspaces http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces

Libraries as makerspaces http://www.unr.edu/nevada-today/news/2012/3d-copier

Student org http://ncsu.orgsync.com/org/openhardwaremakerspace

Makerspace resources http://ncsu.orgsync.com/org/openhardwaremakerspace/Resources

Innovation Africa http://imaginationforpeople.org/fr/search/?tags=innovation

Key words

  • • Arduino Visual Programming - Learn to program without worrying about syntax • Backyard Brains - learn about neuroscience through electrophysiology experiments • Original and Ostrich Egg-Bot Kits- developed by Bruce Shapiro after teaching his "Bits to Bytes to Bots" course • Fab Labs - Global lab network of loaned fabrication equipment from MIT • Hack a Day - Links and descriptions of individual technological projects • Hackerspaces - Directory of places for working on projects with other people • Instructables - Contests and instructions for creative projects, from crafts to technology • Inventables - Source of high-end materials in small quantities • Kickstarter - Crowd-sourced funding for creative projects and technology • Makerspace - DARPA-funded project to bring hands-on technology to students • MAKE Magazine - DIY technology magazine and project showcase

    OpenMaterials - Repository of relevant materials, tools, and techniques RepRap - Low-cost, self-replicating, DIY 3d printers • Shapeways - Buy & sell designs and 3d printed objects SquishyCircuits - teaching circuits with DIY conductive play dough • TED - Free talks by remarkable people, like...

    • • Saul Griffith - Inventor • Steven Johnson - Author • Michael Pritchard - Engineer • Woody Norris - Inventor
    • Thingiverse - hosts open-source, 3d object designs • Raspberry Pi, a Computer Tinkerer’s Dream

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