To campus donors:

Garage Stock room

Garage equipment is stored in the room directly opposite the Garage working space. Talk to Brett to check out something.

Stock1Stock2 Stock3Stock4

Project storage

Bins are available to store your stuff. Cleanliness is godliness.


University resources

Physics Student Shop

Physics Instrument Shop

College of Engineering Student Machine Shop (COE students)

Department of Chemistry Instrument Shop

Department of Chemistry Electronics shop

Department of Chemistry Glass Shop

Art Department facilities

3d printers and search for the 3dprinting UW-Madison 3d Print Tank email distribution list.

Additive technology rapid prototyping, EigerLab, ROckford

For high tech campus resources, see

Representative equipment needed

What we really want

A small PCB mill that would take files from Eagle (a PCB layout program) and make the board.,,,

50W LASER Cutter capable of cutting plastic and wood

MIT Fab Lab Inventory specifications

Makerworks - a whole tool set

FAB LAB standard The FAB LAB network provides public access to these tools world wide.


3D printers


Seed studio (all sorts of stuff)

PCH International circuit boards