About Garage Physics

Welcome to Garage Physics. Garage Physics is located in B651 Sterling Hall and sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Department of Physics. For a general description of the goals of Garage Physics, please see the project proposal:

Take the following steps to join Garage Physics:

1) Register for the e-mail distribution list to receive notifications of meetings etc. Subscribe at

2) Access to the Garage requires safety training and is controlled by keys. Safety training is offered online. Self-register at LEARN@UW (click the self-registration link at the upper right of your screen and select Garage Physics) and read over the basic electrical safety tutorial. Take a look at the other materials also. Take the quiz. You must get a perfect score. You can try as many times as is necessary. Then meet with Brett Unks and Duncan Carlsmith to discuss your needs, and obtain a key from Aimee Lefkow. Remember, the buddy rule applies and will be enforced.

3) Join the WIKI at https://www.physics.wisc.edu/garage. Click "login" then "you can create one now" to create an account. (The TextCha asks you for the weakest force. The answer is g******.) The WIKI will be our preferred place for sharing information including requests for experiment setups and equipment. Take a look at existing pages in text edit mode to understand how to edit pages. Hint: If you clone a photo or other attachment link, it will first appear as a clickable link. Clicking that link will prompt you to upload a file.

4) Edit the "People" page adding your name, then create a home page with your contact information and a photo.


Duncan Carlsmith Professor of Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison duncan@hep.wisc.edu