Wave Machine, 3B10.30

Location: * L.S Ingersol Physics Museum Front of Room



This demonstrates the frequency, amplitude, and damping of a transverse propagating wave.



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Ingersoll Museum


  1. Function Generator
  2. Pasco Driver
  3. Torsion bars all connected by wire

Cautions, Warnings, or Safety Concerns:

  1. Do not lean on apparatus


Demonstration: The function generator communicates a wave function to the Pasco driver. The driver then torques on the wire that connects all the torsion bars. The bars then move in the characteristic wave motion with the set frequency and amplitude from the function generator. This device allows the person to visually see wave motion and how the distinct properties of frequency and amplitude affect the wave's motion. A damping option can also be set on the wave generator.

References: 1. PIRA Wave Motion 2. HyperPhysics:Transverse Waves

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