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 * The museum is a free public venue and is funded by [[http://www.physics.wisc.edu/museum/donations-text.htm|Donations]], grants, and the department.  * '''The museum is a free public venue and is funded by [[http://www.physics.wisc.edu/museum/donations-text.htm|Donations]], grants, and the department.'''

Touring the L.R. Ingersoll Museum

Hours & Info:


  • Groups and individuals are more then welcome to visit the museum at any time without scheduling for a tour guide. However, please notify us if your walk-in group is larger then 10 and always check our Tour Calendar to find a free time for your visit. This way you are not overwhelmed if there happens to be a scheduled tour at that time.

  • Please note that the museum is not staffed.


To arrange for a guided tour of our physics museum or to find out more about general campus tours, please contact either


L.R. Ingersoll Museum

For UW Visitor Information, Tours, Campus Venues, and Logistics

Campus and Visitor Relations

Steve Narf - Instructional Program Manager


Physics Department

(608) 265-9500

(608) 262-3898 or at srnarf@wisc.edu

List of UW-Madison Venues of K12


  • All docents or tour guides are students that have at least a basic physics background. We try very hard to schedule one docent per 10-15 kids for each tour. However, multiple docents per tour, is entirely up to the availability each individual docent for that tour time. After-all, they are students with course work to due and exams.

  • Please try to schedule your tour at least one week before desired date. This will give us a better chance of getting you a docent for your group.

  • When scheduling a group tour, reserve one hour for our typical guided tour. Which consists of a 15 to 25 minute tutorial of several exhibits and the rest of the time is set aside for free play & self discovery. Of course, tour durations can very depending on your time constraints. Kids can often fine plenty to do within our museum to keep them engaged for well over an hour. If you are jumping to another UW venue, please budget about 15 minutes to get to your next appointment.

Large groups:

  • Large groups of 40 or more will require special accommodations. I strongly suggest that you contact Campus and Visitor Relations to schedule your tour of our museum. We highly recommend that these large groups are broken into 2 or more smaller groups of around 30 kids each for back-to-back tours. Campus and Visitor Relations is much better equipment to help you with such logistics and can suggest other UW campus venues to visit in the interim and bus parking.

  • For large groups visiting the museum that can not be broken due to time constraints or other factors; A self-guided tour is the best we can do. Please note that our museum can only hold upto 100 kids at any one time. We will do are best to fine more then one available docent for these large tours to give you the best experience we can.

Please send your questions, comments, or suggestions to Steve at srnarf@wisc.edu , and I thank you for your input.

Errors happen; Please report any errors to Steve at srnarf@wisc.edu as soon as possible. Thanks!

E-Letters Meet Our Staff

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