Motion in One Dimension

PIRA classification 1C

1C10. Velocity


free fall timer

A ball is timed as it drops .5m, 1m, 1.5m, or 2m.


dropping balls

A ball is released by an electromagnet and a clock started. The catcher stops the clock and can be set at different heights.


Free Fall Apparatus

A table top free fall apparatus with push button sparker and using spark tape. Different weight can be used on the leading end of the tape.


Falling Drops

A strobe illuminates water dripping from a faucet at an uniform rate.


"videostrobe" with falling drops

Use the 60 Hz refresh rate of a video monitor to strobe falling drops by adjusting the rate to 60 Hz and having the stream fall past the screen.


Catch a Meter Stick, Reaction time

  Drop a meter stick and have a student catch it. Distance can be converted to reaction time.


Catch a Dollar, Reaction time

Have a student try to catch a dollar starting with the fingers at the midpoint.


reaction time falling meter stick

Have a student catch a falling meter stick and relate the distance dropped to the reaction time.


pendulum timed free fall

A pendulum released from the side hits a ball dropped from the height that gives a fall time equal to a quarter period of the pendulum.


many bounce method

Time a bouncing ball for many bounces and determine g using the coefficient of restitution.

1C20. Uniform Acceleration

1C30. Measuring g