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||<style="border:0"> B.  Mystery blocks||<style="border:0"> || ||<style="border:0"> B. [:UnknownBricks:Mystery Blocks]||<style="border:0"> ||

Mechanics Cabinet Bay B5


Shelf 1

A. Adjustable inclined plane

B. [:UnknownBricks:Mystery Blocks]

Shelf 2

C. Static equilibrium

D. Block

E. [:Static_vs._Kinetic_Friction: Lead brick with rope]

F. Wood block with sand paper and rope

G. Misc. wood blocks

Shelf 3

H. Uniform acceleration spring

Shelf 4

I. Small air table pucks

J. Large air table pucks

K. Magnetic air table pucks

[:MechanicsCabinetBayB4: Previous Bay]

[:MechanicsCabinetBayB6: Next Bay]

[:MechanicsCabinetBayA5: Upper Bay]

Lower Bay

[:MechanicsCabinet :Mechanics Cabinets]



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