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attachment:ElectrostaticsCabinetA1A2.jpg {{attachment:ElectrostaticsCabinetA1A2.jpg}}
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 *a. [:Electroscope:Electroscope 5A22.10]  *a. [[Electroscope|Electroscope 5A22.10]]
Line 9: Line 9:
 *d. [:FlamingoAndBag:Flamingo and Bag 5A00.00]
 *e. [:TwoPithBalls:Two Pith Balls 5A20.20]
 *f. [:Stirrup:Stirrup 5A20.10]
 *d. [[FlamingoAndBag|Flamingo and Bag 5A00.00]]
 *e. [[TwoPithBalls|Two Pith Balls 5A20.20]]
 *f. [[Stirrup|Stirrup 5A20.10]]
Line 13: Line 13:
 *h. [:Electrometer:Electrometer 5A22.10]
 *i. zinc plate for use in [:PhotoelectricEffect:Photoelectric Effect]
 *h. [[Electrometer|Electrometer 5A22.10]]
 *i. zinc plate for use in [[PhotoelectricEffect|Photoelectric Effect]]
Line 21: Line 21:
 *p. [:CottrellPrecipitator:Cottrell Precipitator 5B30.60]
 *q. [:VoltasHailstorm:Volta's Hailstorm 5B10.30]
 *r. [:ElectrostaticBells:
Electrostatic Bells 5B10.30]
 *s. [:
ElectrostaticPinwheel:Electrostatic Pinwheel 5B30.50]
 *t. [:
ElectrostaticMotor:Electrostatic Motor 5A50.52]
 *u. [:DeflectedWaterStream:Deflected Water Stream 5A40.40]
 *v. [:EdisonEffect:Edison Effect 5D40.42]
 *w. [:ElectrostaticRollerBall:Electrostatic Roller Ball 5B30.00]
 *x. [:ElectricBubbles:Electric Bubbles 5A40.24]
 *y. [:Electrophorus:Electrophorus 5A10.20]
 *z. [:ElectricHair:Electric Hair 5B10.45]
 *p. [[CottrellPrecipitator|Cottrell Precipitator 5B30.60]]
 *q. [[VoltasHailstorm|Volta's Hailstorm 5B10.30]]
 *r. [[ElectrostaticBells|
Electrostatic Bells 5B10.30]]
 *s. [[
ElectrostaticPinwheel|Electrostatic Pinwheel 5B30.50]]
 *t. [[
ElectrostaticMotor|Electrostatic Motor 5A50.52]]
 *u. [[DeflectedWaterStream|Deflected Water Stream 5A40.40]]
 *v. [[EdisonEffect|Edison Effect 5D40.42]]
 *w. [[ElectrostaticRollerBall|Electrostatic Roller Ball 5B30.00]]
 *x. [[ElectricBubbles|Electric Bubbles 5A40.24]]
 *y. [[Electrophorus|Electrophorus 5A10.20]]
 *z. [[ElectricHair|Electric Hair 5B10.45]]
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[:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet] [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]]
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[:Electrostatics:Electrostatics] [[Electrostatics]]
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[:Demonstrations:Demonstrations] [[Demonstrations]]
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[:Instructional:Home] [[Instructional|Home]]

Electrostatics Cabinet A1 & A2


Electrostatics Cabinet




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