Electric Hair 5B10.45

Glass plate and jar of hair located in E&M Cabinet Right A2

Toepler-Holtz Generator located in E&M Cabinet Right A2

Document camera located in lecture hall (spares and overhead projectors, for use in other classrooms, in 2237 Chamberlin).

Put glass plate on document camera, turn on document camera, and connect to projector.

Discharge Toepler-Holtz generator: grasp insulating handles and put terminals (2cm diameter metal balls) in contact with each other.

Connect glass plate to Toepler-Holtz.

Sprinkle hair on glass plate.

Separate the terminals of the Toepler-Holtz by 2-3 cm.

Crank Toepler-Holtz generator (spark may jump between terminals--that's fine). Each hair should orient along the local electric field line.

Discharge Toepler-Holtz generator--you will likely see a fat spark between the two terminals as you do this. Do not put your hands near the terminals before you discharge them--the spark from the Toepler-Holtz can be painful.

ElectricHair5B1045.jpg ElectricHairCloseUp.jpg

Electric Fields and Potential



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