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Bubble solution located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], A2. Bubble solution located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], A2.
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Toepler-Holtz generator located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], A3 Toepler-Holtz generator located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], A3
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Van de Graaff generator located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], B3 Van de Graaff generator located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], B3
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Wimshurst generator located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], A4 Wimshurst generator located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], A4
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Metallic spheres located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], B1 Metallic spheres located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], B1
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[:Electrostatics:Electrostatics] [[Electrostatics]]
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[:Demonstrations:Demonstrations] [[Demonstrations]]
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[:Instructional:Home] [[Instructional|Home]]

Electric Bubbles

Bubble solution located in Electrostatics Cabinet, A2.

Toepler-Holtz generator located in Electrostatics Cabinet, A3

Van de Graaff generator located in Electrostatics Cabinet, B3

Wimshurst generator located in Electrostatics Cabinet, A4

Metallic spheres located in Electrostatics Cabinet, B1

Set up Toepler-Holtz or Van de Graaff or Wimshurst generator, and connect high potential terminal to a metallic sphere.

Turn on the Van de Graaff, or have someone crank the Wimshurst or Toepler-Holtz.

Stand on a grounded stool 3 meters away from the metallic sphere.

Blow soap bubbles in the direction of the metallic sphere.

Uncharged soap bubbles will be attracted to the metallic sphere by induced charge distribution effects, and will follow electric field lines towards the sphere.

Some soap bubbles may become charged, and will be repelled from the metallic sphere.




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