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||<tablestyle="font-size:36pt;"style="border:0">Electricity & Magnetism: Bay A1 Left || ||<tablestyle="font-size:36pt;"style="border:0">Electricity and Magnetism: Bay A1 Left ||

Electricity and Magnetism: Bay A1 Left


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. 1 Decade Inductor Box

K. Transformer

B. 2 Decade Capacitor Box

L. Flashlight Bulbs

C. 4 Decade Resistance Box

M. Capacitor Board

D. DC Circuit Schematics

N. Resistor Boards

E. 3.5" Floppies

O. Capacitor Boards

F. Small Resistance Box

P. Diode Boards

Shelf 2

Shelf 4

G. Power Supply 40V/3A DC

Q. Simpson VOM

H. Milliamp Meter

R. Meter

I. Voltmeter 300mV to 300V

S. Meter

J. BK Precision 30V at 0.5A

T. Meter

U. Meter

V. Meter

Previous Bay

Next Bay

Upper Bay

Lower Bay

Electricity & Magnetism Cabinets

E&M Demonstration Index



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