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||<style="border:0">H.               ||<style="border:0">R. Meter || ||<style="border:0">H. Milliamp Meter ||<style="border:0">R. Meter ||
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||<style="border:0">J.                      ||<style="border:0">T. Meter || ||<style="border:0">J. BK Precision, 30v @0.5A ||<style="border:0">T. Meter ||

Electricity & Magnetism: Bay A1 Left


Shelf 1

Shelf 3

A. 1 Decade Inductor Box

K. Transfomer

B. 2 Decade Capacitor Box

L. Flashlight Bulbs

C. 4 Decade Resistance Box

M. Capacitor Board

D. DC Circuit Schematics

N. Resistor Boards

E. 3.5" Floppies

O. Capacitor Boards

F. Small Resistance Box

P. Diode Boards

Shelf 2

Shelf 4

G. Power Suppy 40V/3A DC

Q. Simpson VOM

H. Milliamp Meter

R. Meter

I. Voltmeter 300mV to 300V

S. Meter

J. BK Precision, 30v @0.5A

T. Meter

U. Meter

V. Meter

Previous Bay

Next Bay

Upper Bay

Lower Bay

Electricity & Magnetism Cabinets

E&M Demonstration Index



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