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Located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:Electrostatics Cabinet], A1 Located in [[ElectrostaticsCabinet|Electrostatics Cabinet]], A1
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attachment:DeflectedWaterStream5A4040.jpg {{attachment:DeflectedWaterStream5A4040.jpg}}
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[:Electrostatics:Electrostatics] [[Electrostatics]]
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[:Demonstrations:Demonstrations] [[Demonstrations]]
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[:Instructional:Home] [[Instructional|Home]]

Deflected Water Stream 5A40.40

Located in Electrostatics Cabinet, A1

Fill sawed-off milk carton with water and add several drops of green food coloring to make water more visible.

Open valve to let a stream of water run out (into catch basin).

Rub rod with fur and bring it near stream of water.

Stream of water attracted toward the rod (see picture).





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