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Cottrell Precipitator 5B30.60

Precipitator located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:ElectrostaticsCabinet], A2

Toepler-Holtz generator located in [:ElectrostaticsCabinet:ElectrostaticsCabinet], A3

Light a cone of incense and place the incense in the precipitator.

Discharge Toepler-Holtz generator: grasp insulating handles and put terminals (2cm diameter metal balls) in contact with each other.

Connect the electrodes at the end of the tube to the Toepler-Holtz generator.

Separate the terminals of the Toepler-Holtz by 5 cm.

Wait until the tube fills with smoke.

Crank the generator (there should be no sparking between the terminals). The smoke should clear ("precipitate").

Discharge Toepler-Holtz generator--you will likely see a fat spark between the two terminals as you do this. Do not put your hands near the terminals before you discharge them--the spark from the Toepler-Holtz can be painful.


[:ElectricFieldsAndPotential: Electric Fields and Potential]



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