Add Instructor Help

This page describes how to make a facultywiki page for an instructor (eg yourself). This allows you an easy way to survey all the files that have been uploaded for all the different courses you have taught.

1. Edit /facultywiki/Faculty page

Navigate to /facultywiki/Faculty. Scroll down to the bottom. Click "Edit (text)" link on the left-hand side. Add a line for yourself. Use syntax analogous to other Faculty entries. Be careful with capitals, spaces, and colons. When you are done, click "Save Changes" button at top. You have now finished editing the Faculty page.

2. Create New Page

On the Faculty page, click on the link which you just made. It goes to a page which does not yet exist, but which you are about to create. You should see a page that begins "This page does not exist yet", and below that, a list of templates on the left-hand side. Click on AddFacultyTemplate.

You should now see a text editor. Edit the information on the page as necessary. You should have links to each of the following:

When you are done editing, click the "Save Changes" button near the top left of the page.

Click on each of the links on your page to make sure they go somewhere. If you click a link that doesn't go anywhere, you will be asked to create new page (most likely a course semester page--go here for help on how to make this type of page). If you don't want to create a new page right now, click the "back" button of the browser. Otherwise, choose the appropriate template from the list, and edit the new page to correctness.

3. Mopping up

Once all of the links on your page work, then make sure there are links to your page from:

Thank you for keeping a preserving a record of your teaching!

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